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Intus Care enables long term care organizations to electronically verify when their care providers arrive and depart from care appointments as well as monitor the care services provided. Through artificial intelligence-driven analysis, Intus Care measures patient health history and groups patients based on hospitalization risk as well as suggests health interventions.

Provider Efficiency

By tracking and analyzing task durations, Intus Care aggregates and standardizes task and appointment lengths for each provider and patient individually. Appointments and care tasks significantly outside of the norm are flagged for immediate review on the organization’s manager dashboard as it may indicate a change in provider efficiency or patient health status. Providers are then placed in groups stratified by efficiency and patients by adverse outcome risk. These groupings aid care organizations in scheduling, decision making, and resource allocation.

Patient Risk Grouping and Care Management

Intus Care using dynamic EHR extraction also provides long term care organizations with evaluations of their highest utilizer and risk patients, notifications for changing patient health status, and suggests care as well as actionable interventions. In order to allow organizations to provide the best and most informed care, reducing unnecessary hospital and emergency department usage.

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