Our Approach

Business Intelligence Dashboards & Patient Health Analytics. All of our solutions come together to create a holistic view of each patient in your organization, allowing your team to better plan for, manage, and care for your patients.

Business Intelligence Dashboard

By compiling and analyzing data from every part of your organization, Intus Care can easily identify trends that can be hard to spot with the naked eye.

We give you organization-level data through elegant, thoughtfully designed dashboards that are fully customizable and sortable.

These dashboards are fully downloadable to equip care organizations with the tools they need to display their data in the most impactful way. Our intelligent dashboards transform the way long-term care providers use data to solve problems.

Financial Dashboard

Our financial dashboard offers a macro-level overview of organizational cost trends to give an overview of financial standing and help identify potential areas to save.

Clinical Dashboard

Our clinical dashboard summarizes patient health trends and risk data to inform care managers on resource allocation to avoid potentially high utilization events.

Demo Dashboard

Our demographics dashboard provides a holistic overview of an organization’s patient makeup including total patients, average age, and other relevant statistics.

Patient Health Analytics

We use comprehensive machine learning algorithms to help identify high-risk patients.

Our platform insightfully displays patient health risk analytics to empower providers to deploy preventative care measures.

This allows long term care organizations to avoid costly events and improve care outcomes. We can implement Intus Care safely and securely into your existing PACE program in as few as six weeks. Request a demo or reach out to get started.

Your Solution

Intus Care can be implemented in your existing PACE program in as little as six weeks. Schedule a demo or reach out to get started.