Post-Acute Providers

Automated risk identification and performance tracking, empowering post-acute providers to:


Identify high-risk patients prior to discharge in order to mitigate preventable readmissions and improve CMS 5-star Ratings

Increase Patient

Improve caregiver awareness of patient needs and impending risk in order to optimize clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction

Monitor Facility-Level

Customize dashboards to visualize analyze, and export performance trends as granularly as facility, care team, or PCP

Participant Health Analytics

By monitoring existing patient conditions and incidents, Intus Care identifies patients at high risk for readmission - assisting post-acute providers in decreasing costly readmissions, improving CMS 5 star ratings and patient satisfaction

Business Intelligence Dashboard

For both large post-acute chains and smaller providers, Intus Care’s business intelligence dashboards streamline access to relevant performance metrics and cross-organizational trends. The Intus Care dashboard reveals metrics by organization, region, facility, and even care team for a consistent gauge on performance from a macro to micro-level. These insights allow post-acute providers to make informed decisions based on data in order to improve organizational performance.