Technical Assistance & Consulting

Our Technical Assistance team consists of leading and innovative PACE experts. We share PACE’s mission of improving clinical outcomes through data and growing the model of care across the country.

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Our Approach

Our teams work alongside your PACE Program’s leadership team and staff to execute and complete project work plans aimed at improving participant and organizational outcomes.

how we Help

Services include but are not limited to:
CMS Audits, staff training and education, PACE growth, operational & clinical outcome improvements, data benchmarking and reporting, program development, and much more.

*All services and project work plans are tailored on a program-by-program basis

CMS Audits

How We Help: Our PACE experts work hand in hand with your program to help prepare for upcoming audits, communicate information to CMS, and remediate processes following audits.

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Program Development

How We Help: We focus on creating lasting frameworks for your organization to
be compliant and successful, providing the highest quality of care.

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Operational Management & Growth

How We Help: Intus Care’s data-driven approach helps PACE programs inform operations methodically. Combined with our team’s expertise, we empower programs to grow and benchmark effectively.

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Technical Assistance Consultants

Laura Ferrara
Acting as Intus Care’s Chief Strategy Officer, Laura is a trained nurse with over 30+ years of experience in healthcare and over 10+ years in PACE. Most recently as CEO of a large PACE program, Laura has worked at every level of PACE and provides valuable expertise across the board.
Connie Goodson
Connie Goodson is a consummate professional with more than 10 years of distinguished PACE experience, and over 18 years of dedicated service in healthcare.  Among other roles, Connie served as PACE Executive Director prior to joining Intus Care’s team of expert consultants.  She is an empathetic leader who brings vision and heartfelt passion for serving seniors.

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*Additional customized services through our software product are available.

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