Integrated care services

Our Integrated Care Service team consists of leading and innovative PACE experts.

Our Approach

We assist PACE programs in four key areas of operation: Compliance, Utilization, Quality, & Operations. Our experts work alongside PACE Programs and staff to improve PACE performance.

how we Help

Services include but are not limited to:
Compliance Management, Utilization Management, Quality Management, PACE Education & Management Support.

*All services and project work plans are tailored on a program-by-program basis

Compliance Management

Align your compliance program with PACE and Part D regulatory requirements through our CMS experts and proven best practices. We will assist in risk assessments, Mock Audits, CMS preparation, remediations, and more.

Utilization Management

Through our data-driven approach, see utilization trends and opportunities while structuring lasting processes to improve outcomes. Our approach is to ensure access to necessary and quality care while reducing unnecessary and unwanted utilization

Quality Management

Our team provides expertise on all aspects of the quality process from Annual Work Plans to Quality Program Development. We roadmap plans to improve quality through a data-driven and root-cause- analysis approach.

PACE Education & Management Support

With high staff turnover and a unique model of care, we train leadership on processes proven to be successful in PACE. This education includes quality approaches, IDT operations, falls management, service area applications, and growth strategies.

Case Study

PACE North opened its doors at the start of the pandemic, creating unique experiences and challenges in caring for the vulnerable senior population. Their newly established Interdisciplinary Team (IDT), although skilled experts in their respective healthcare areas, lacked specialized PACE experience.

PACE North

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*Additional customized services through our software product are available.

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