Software Solutions

Automated risk identification and performance tracking, empowering PACE programs to:

Optimize IDT

Detect at-risk Participants before they become high-utilizers by recognizing clinical changes early

Improve Utilization

Efficiently identify participants with recent admissions alongside their full health profile & utilization history

Streamline Quality
Reporting & Analysis

Customize dashboards to
visualize, analyze, and export
performance trends and metrics

Participant Health Analytics

By utilizing comprehensive, PACE specific algorithms, Intus Care identifies participants at high risk for hospitalizations and chronic disease onset - allowing PACE organizations to optimize care planning and decrease utilization.

Business Intelligence Dashboard

Our automated business intelligence dashboards are transforming the way PACE providers use data to solve problems. By compiling and analyzing data from financial, clinical, and operational sources, Intus Care can easily identify trends that were previously difficult to correlate. Our dashboards are beautifully designed and fully customizable to allow PACE programs to analyze and monitor any desired data fields.

See the impact

Intus Care can be implemented in your existing PACE program in as few as six weeks. Schedule a demo or reach out to get started.