Learn How to Leverage Data and the Scientific Process in an Upcoming Webinar, “Managing Utilization in PACE: Effective Practices & Procedures”

Intus Care

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Intus Care and PACE North are proud to announce a co-hosted Zoom webinar titled "Managing Utilization in PACE: Effective Practices & Procedures" on May 31st from 1 – 2:15 p.m. EST. The session will include a 45-minute presentation followed by a 30-minute Q&A session, providing ample time for the PACE community to learn and ask questions.  

The presenters will outline foundational processes that have been shown to be successful in the PACE model and drive desired outcomes. Specific case scenarios will be provided to illustrate the concepts discussed. Learning objectives include:

- Leverage Data Analytics:  Identify key performance indicators, understand patterns, and predict future utilization trends

- Scientific Decision Making: Apply the scientific process, make informed operational decisions, and improve efficiency and quality of care

- Service Utilization Analysis: Effectively analyze and monitor service utilization, optimize resource allocation, and improve participant outcomes.

About the Presenters

The webinar will feature Intus Care’s Chief Strategy Officer Laura Ferrara, an experienced healthcare professional who has worked within managed, integrated, and capitated models of care for over 30 years. Laura has also served the PACE community for 13 years through a variety of responsibilities, including CEO for a large MI PACE program. Laura will be joined by PACE North’s Executive Director Nicole Farkas. Farkas became the executive director earlier this year after serving in the organization for more than three years as center director and interim executive director. Prior to PACE North, Farkas had an extensive background in clinical care and quality management which are core foundations of the PACE North program. She is an RN with 25 years of experience.    


We encourage all those interested in PACE Utilization Management Practices to attend this webinar to learn effective practices and procedures for managing utilization in PACE. The webinar will provide valuable insights and best practices for improving patient care while reducing unnecessary and unwanted care. Please mark your calendars for May 31st at 1pm – 2:15pm EST and register for the webinar today.

About Intus Care

Intus Care empowers 40+ PACE organizations nationwide through automated software and PACE expert services. Our PACE-focused software improves clinical decision making and data accessibility, while our Integrated Care Service experts collaborate with PACE to improve Compliance, Quality, Utilization, and more through a hands-on, data-driven approach.

About PACE North

PACE North is a Program of All-Inclusive Care that currently serves 170 adults, 55 and older in a seven-county, rural region of Northwest Michigan.  PACE North provides coordinated care for nursing home eligible adults so that they can live safely and independently, at home.  PACE North enrolled their first participant in October of 2019.

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