Intus Care Announces Expanded Partnership with Midland Care Connection


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Find the case study on our resources page HERE.

August 30, 2023, Providence, RI – Intus Care, a pioneer in advanced software and data-driven solutions for geriatric healthcare, today announced an expanded strategic partnership with Midland Care Connection, an integrated community care delivery system, to support its Program for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) through Utilization Management Consulting and Data Analytics. Midland Care PACE will now use Intus Care’s Integrated Care Services in addition to its Software Analytics Platform to empower care services to participants across 12 counties in Kansas.

PACE programs promote healthy aging and independence for older Americans through interdisciplinary teams that meet participants’ health needs in their own homes. Intus Care supports over 45 PACE programs across 16 states through PACE consulting and data analytics that allow programs like Midland PACE to optimize operations and care outcomes.

Midland Care PACE welcomed its first participants in 2007, serving 27 participants in its first year to over 550 community members today. With the program’s growth, leadership continued to innovate, ensuring each participant’s social, physical, and spiritual needs are met to improve quality of life within the community.

“At Midland Care PACE, we are constantly striving to innovate and improve our participant’s quality of life,” said Lea Chaffee, Executive Director of Midland Care PACE. “Through our partnership with Intus Care, we are integrating predictive analytics and utilization management consulting to mitigate unwanted and unnecessary utilization. This isn't just about improving efficiency; it's about enabling participants to enjoy healthy, fulfilling lives within their cherished communities. For PACE, this represents a remarkable opportunity to innovate the model of care.”

Case Study

Intus Care’s team of PACE experts will work collaboratively with Midland Care to structure PACE Proven processes and strategies for improved utilization outcomes. This includes Structured UM Committees, UM Data Report Templates, Preventable Hospitalizations Reports, Utilization Management PDSA’s, and more. While there were several areas of focus for improvement, one area identified saw significant gains over the course of half a year. In looking at the data, the team found that many participants who went to the emergency department did not call Midland’s on-call nurse line prior to the visit. Through a research and educational campaign, the team increased calls to the nurse line by 48%.

Read more about the partnership and data improvements in this case study.

“Midland Care PACE is an innovative program building a data-driven culture with an amazing team of healthy aging advocates,” said Laura Ferrara, chief strategy officer at Intus Care. “We are excited to expand our partnership and continue empowering Midland Care’s success.”

About Midland Pace

In 2007, Midland Care became the nation’s 37th Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), a national program that provides community-based care and services to people who would otherwise need a nursing home level of care. The program served 27 participants in its first year. Today, Midland Care PACE currently serves over 550 Kansans daily across twelve Kansas counties. Midland Care is now one of 144 Programs of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly across the United States.

About Intus Care

Intus Care empowers over 50 PACE organizations nationwide through automated software and PACE expert consulting. Our PACE-focused analytics platform improves clinical decision making and data accessibility, while our Integrated Care Service experts collaborate with programs to improve Compliance, Quality, Utilization, and more through a hands-on, data-driven approach. 

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Intus Care visit to Midland Care PACE
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