Intus Care Launches Palmetto PACE Podcast to Educate and Inform on PACE

Intus Care

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Listen to the first Episode HERE

Providence, RI (September 28, 2022) – Intus Care, developer of an innovative predictive analytics platform aimed at improving geriatric care outcomes, today announces the launch of the Palmetto PACE Podcast to raise awareness about PACE opportunities and inform the PACE community on the founding story, industry trends, and influential guests. Intus Care is sponsoring the podcast hosted by John Tucker.  John has been a PACE technical assistance consultant for more than 25 years, assisting over 50 PACE Programs nationwide with startup and development, overseeing program intake and outreach processes, and guiding finance and back-office functions. John is the Principal and Founder of the Palmetto PACE Advisory Group, a PACE technical assistance organization and member of the National PACE Association. Listen to the first episode here with special guest Judy Baskins.

“It is my pleasure to be the host of the new PACE Podcast sponsored by my good friends at Intus Care,” says John Tucker, Principal and Founder of the Palmetto PACE Advisory Group. “The geriatric care space is evolving, and I share Intus Care’s passion for empowering PACE programs with the information and technologies they need to provide the best care to their participants.”

The first podcast episode will explore the history of PACE, including how it was started and its national expansion with special guest Judy Baskins, founding member and first president of the National PACE Association. More episodes coming soon!

“The work that PACE programs across the country are doing is vital to enabling seniors to age in place,” says Robbie Felton, CEO and co-founder, Intus Care. “We are proud to be part of creating a podcast with John for and about those involved in PACE. We hope to spread further awareness about the great work PACE is doing, as well as to empower PACE organizations with greater knowledge about how they can continue to improve the care they provide.”

PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) programs coordinate and provide all needed preventive, primary, acute, and long-term care services so older individuals can continue living in their communities. The National PACE Association (NPA) supports 144 member PACE organizations serving over 58,000 participants across 30 states through a mix of advocacy, education, communications, analysis, and data services.

Intus Care currently works with over 25 PACE Programs in 11 states who are utilizing their predictive analytics platform to optimize care for their older adult participants. Intus Care has also entered a Letter of Understanding with the National PACE Association to pursue a strategic partnership.    

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About Intus Care

Intus Care synthesizes data to improve care and reduce hospitalizations for some of the most socially vulnerable and clinically complex patients in today’s healthcare system. The company has created a unique data-driven predictive analytics platform designed for organizations such as PACE programs, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, and home care agencies. It easily integrates with existing electronic health records, claims, and financial software to automatically extract and analyze data. By highlighting participant risk and care-focused information, the Intus Care software empowers clinicians, nurses, and other care providers by informing decisions that improve outcomes and reduce unnecessary costs.

About Palmetto PACE Advisory Group

Palmetto PACE Advisory Group (PPAG) is a member of the National PACE Association as a PACE Technical Assistance Center.  PPAG staff have over fifty (50) years of experience in assisting PACE start-up activities for developing organizations across the country.  Services offered include PACE eligible market assessments, feasibility studies, financial pro forma modeling, turn-key start-up and development consultation, PACE growth and participant experience strategy guidance, and governance and organization structure consultation.  For further information, please email John Tucker at


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