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Starting in April 2023, Intus Care began tracking three key metrics aggregated from over 40+ PACE (Program for All-inclusive Care for the Elderly) across 15 states nationwide that we proudly partner with for software and services. The metrics include:

- Emergency department (ED) visits

- Inpatient (IP) admissions

- Falls

These metrics represent significant utilization management priorities and aim to provide a high-level benchmarking structure to promote success throughout the model of care. Each is important to monitor, as the PACE community continues to provide the highest quality of care while participants remain at home and in their communities.

Previous blogs highlighted the three metrics, outlining contributing factors, strategies to reduce their occurrences and impact, as well as resources for PACE programs. Read more about ED visits, IP admissions, and falls.

Intus Care recognizes that while the metrics on their own are insightful, tracking them over time will provide visibility into how programs are performing and adapting over time. Each month, Intus Care will add new metrics to our website and share on social media.

Here are the first two months data and we look forward to sharing more in the months ahead!

ED Visits

May 2023

May ED Visits Metrics. 6.53 per 100MM. Monday most common day. Fall is top diagnosis.

April 2023

Graphic shows April 2023 metrics for ED Visits. 6.7 per 100. Saturday most common day. Fall is top diagnosis.

IP Admissions

May 2023

Graphic showing inpatient admission in May 2023. 4.48 per 100MM. Tuesday most common day. UTI for females, pneuonia for med is top diagnosis.

April 2023

Graphic showing April 2023 metrics on inpatient admissions. 4.6 per 100MM. Saturday most common day. UTI for females and hypertension for med is top diagnosis.


May 2023

Graphic showing falls in May 2023. 8.66 per 100MM. Monday most common day. Bedroom most common location.

April 2023

Graphic showing falls April 2023 metrics. 9.5 per 100MM. Monday most common day. Bedroom most common location.


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